Friday, July 31, 2015

Race for the Bacon 5k Recap

Most runners have a favorite local race - one they can't wait to do every year. For me, it's Race for the Bacon and I've done the race every year since it's first running in 2012. Although it's newer to the area, it grows each year as more people discover it. 

This year's race was a tad different for me because the only goal I had was to grab and eat a piece of bacon from the midrace Bacon Station! I've never eaten anything while racing but in past years have seen other people grab bacon during the race so thought I'd give it a try!

Mile one of the race was all about a nice, controlled pace. Things felt pretty comfortable during this mile and I was mainly focused on conserving energy and not overheating too early in the race - the temp outside was 85 degrees!! During this mile, I could smell bacon - not sure if it was the approaching Bacon Station or from the bacon feast awaiting runners at the finish line. 

The Bacon Station was located about 1.5 miles in. My mouth was feeling pretty dry at this point due to the heat but I still made my way over to snatch a piece of bacon from a volunteer. As soon as I stuffed it in my mouth ... whoa. The piece of bacon immediately sucked up any remaining moisture in my mouth. I chewed it up as quickly as I could and then tried to swallow. But since my mouth and throat were so dry it wouldn't go down. So I choked and ended up having to spit out the bacon. Mega gross. Especially since I had to spit a few times to get the bacon out of my mouth. I'll definitely have to work on my bacon eating technique before next year's race!

The last mile of the race was super slow for me. I was overheated and had leftover bacon bits sliding down my throat. Bacon bits were also up my nose from choking. Fortunately this was a nice shady portion of the course and I told myself it was okay to run slower since I didn't have a time goal. Finally the finish line appeared and I was able to pick up the pace a little bit. I was ready to drink water and blow all those bacon bits out of my nose! 

Upon crossing the finish line, I was given a box of bacon!

After drinking a full bottle of water, I started back on the course to find Mom, because it's tradition to run her in to the finish line! When I found her, she looked great - it was like the heat hadn't even affected her. She was smiling and talking and was running strong. Way to go, Mom!

Mom and I after the race!

Post-race is the best running party - the Bacon Bash! All runners get to indulge in delicious bacon treats (my favorite this year was the bacon cookie!) and Sprecher beer or soda. There's also a band that was an absolute hoot. Unfortunately I had to leave before the awards ceremony this year to give Eddie his pill (he needs it at a particular time every night) but my friend Laura texted to let me know I won an AG prize! :)

My results:

Time: 22:48
Pace: 7:21 min/mile
AG Place: 3/69
Gender Place: 15/XXX

This is one of the most awesome running events in MKE. Even if you're not a runner, you can still enjoy it with the new 0.0k. Participants line up at the start line - then go right to the Bacon Bash. Haha ;)

I enjoyed seeing so many people I know through running - and was excited to see so many friends win awards and even set new PRs. A fantastic evening all around!

My questions for you:
  • Have you ever done a theme race? If so, what was the theme?
  • Have you ever eaten food during a race? If yes, what was it? If no, would you if it was offered?
  • Who's already excited for next year's Race for the Bacon?? ;)

- ST


  1. The protesters were my favorite part. Nice to have a good laugh ;)

    1. Haha, I couldn't believe there were protesters at the race! And then they were on the course, too. Hilarious :)

      It was great seeing you last night!

  2. That's unfortunate about the bacon experience and while bacon bits in your nose doesn't sound pleasant, it does make for a pretty good story haha. Congrats on the age group award!! Lol and a 0.0k that's too funny:)

    1. Thanks Hailey! I agree - the bacon bits during the race weren't too amusing but after I had a good laugh :)

  3. Congrats on the AG award! I had a similar experience after eating an Oreo during a marathon. Too dry!

    1. Thanks Tina! I can definitely imagine that an Oreo would be difficult to eat during a marathon. One of those things that sounds delicious at the time but soon after not so awesome :)

  4. I have not really done any theme races unless the Winter Series is considered a theme race, and a couple turkey trots in Buffalo, NY.

    Eating during a race for me really depends on the distance. I have done gels on my marathon and 50k. On my 50k trail I knew I had to consume food so I packed some cliff bars in my pack. The aid stations had a variety of stuff I tried licorice, jerky, pretzels and I ate a lot of oranges. The orange slices tasted really good at the aid stations. I don't know why but they were really good.

    Great job on your race!

    1. Thanks Bob! I usually eat gels during marathons but had never tried solid food before. I'm impressed you are able to eat all those things while running - I would choke for sure on some of those items :) Orange slices sound great midrace - especially during a really hot one!

  5. omg so cute! love the bacon bib. what was your AG prize? bacon?! :)

    1. Thanks Jenny! I'm not sure what the AG prize is - I couldn't stick around for the award ceremony :)