Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Run/Walk for Wishes 5k Recap

Sometimes you have to be spontaneous. Last Wednesday I felt the itch to race. And when I saw the weather forecast for Saturday, I decided to seriously look into finding a race. And what would you know - there was a 5k on the Lakefront! It must have been fate ;)

Since Run/Walk for Wishes wasn't a race I planned on doing and I'm definitely not in PR shape yet, the only goal I had was to run hard and see what happened. No pace goals. Just run. I figured I would finish right around 22 minutes.

Even though I wasn't planning on crushing this one, I still lined up in the second row. I had a feeling the race would not be that fast and I was right. After we took off there were only two women in front of me - and I passed them both within the first quarter mile.

Normally I prefer to move up during a race then kick hard at the end so I've never been the lead female during a race before. I got a bit carried away and ran the first mile faster than I planned. It ended up costing me a bit in terms of overall time as I ended up slowing down during the next two miles. Also, I was passed by a woman at the start of mile 2. I thought about trying to go with her but she was going too fast for the effort I was prepared to put into the race.

The last segment of the race was in the sun and it was super hot. I found myself glancing over my shoulder a few times to see if there were any females nearby because I was feeling pretty cooked. Fortunately there were none that were close enough to get by me before the end of the race. After a mini kick to the finish, I sprawled out on a grassy bank next to the finish line. The shade felt so good!

After recovering for a few minutes I got up and began running back on the course to find Mom. On my way back I saw my old coworker, Rebecca, who placed 2nd in her AG! When I found Mom she was running strong. As we approached the finish I told her to sprint it in like Eddie is chasing her ;)

Recovering after the race!

Overall a fantastic morning and wonderful event. I would definitely do this one again. Makes me excited for all the 5k races to come this fall!

My questions for you:
  • What's your racing style - lead from the front or sit back and kick?
  • What's on your fall race calendar?

- ST


  1. Wow! congrats on second female!! Great job!! I never lead, so I like to sit back and kick it in later :)

    1. Thanks Sue! It was fun being in the lead for a bit but next time I think I'll use the sit and kick strategy :)

  2. Congrats! Wow you were just under your prediction - you probably would have won a prediction race too. I've never found myself in a position to lead, but I do like to sit back and pass people later on :)

    1. Thanks Jenny! My coach said the same thing about how it was too bad it wasn't a prediction race. Haha :)

  3. You are such an amazing runner!!!! CONGRATS on the age group win and 2 nd overall. So awesome! !!

    1. Thanks Kristy! Maybe I'll have to do this spontaneous racing thing more often :)