Wednesday, September 30, 2015

1-Mile Repeats + An Upcoming Mile Time Trial Event!

Hey friends! Do you ever see a workout on your training plan that instantly gives you butterflies? A workout that you know is going to be hard and you're not quite sure if you'll be able to pull it off - but you're also secretly a little excited to see if you have what it takes?

That's exactly how I felt about my Tuesday workout from Coach Matt this week. Four 1-mile repeats. At progressively faster paces. With a progressively shorter rest period between repeats. Gulp. I knew this one was going to be a challenge. 

A good luck charm was needed for this workout!

Here's how the workout went:

1.5 mile warmup - easy. Knowing what was to come I made sure to run this slow and tried to gather myself for the work to come. 

1st mile repeat - 10k pace. Nothing too wild. I felt pretty relaxed during this one and the pace felt comfortable. The main challenge was not going too fast!

2nd mile repeat - Faster 10k pace. Still controlled and reasonably comfortable. Again was extra careful to not go too fast. 

3rd mile repeat - 5k pace. Things started to get interesting and I had to make an effort to hold this pace, especially already having two faster miles in my legs. 

4th mile repeat - 5k goal pace. Ouch. A ride on the struggle bus. Halfway through and I thought about how easy it would be to stop. But ... being a perfectionist, I also knew that if I gave in and stopped I would just force myself to start again and run the full repeat after I caught my breath. So instead of thinking about how I still had a half mile to go, I thought about already being halfway done. And how every step forward was a step closer to being done. Major huffing and puffing toward the end of this one. 

1.5 mile cooldown - so slow. So wonderful. And I realized ... my legs feel pretty darn good! Mission accomplished :)

The rest of this week is pretty easy - at least until my Saturday run. Here's the full plan:

Monday: 5 glue miles w/strides + Total Gym
Tuesday: 7 mile workout, inc. 1-mile repeats + Y-Blitz
Wednesday: 5 recover miles + Y-Fuse + Y-Core
Thursday: 6 glue miles w/strides + Y-Blitz
Friday: Rest day
Saturday: 13-14 mile run, inc. 45 sec surges
Sunday: 4 recovery miles

In other kind-of-related news, I've been working with the Milwaukee Running Festival and the Milwaukee YMCA to organize an event for runners. We finally have a date and I can tell you that it's going to be awesome. All Hitting Your Stride participants will get to do a 1-mile time trial and then do a circuit workout with some of my favorite Y instructors. If you live in the MKE area, you must check it out!

My questions for you:
  • Have you ever done a mile time trial? 
  • What is your favorite distance for repeats?
  • What workout gives you butterflies?

Happy hump day!

- ST


  1. I remember mile repeats from high school, awe you just took me back down memory lane, LOL
    I don't know is this is the type of time trial your talking about, but years ago I was applying to be on a charity run team, and everyone met at the track one morning and we all ran a few warm up laps and then we had a mile time trial to see who could be on the team. Luckily I made it, but I think that was the only one I can remember:)
    The workout that gives me butterflies are hill repeats. I have a hill that I have used for years, it's about a quarter mile long and has a nice good 10% grade (killer) and when I do speed works it's what I use to sprint up, and then jog back down. I generally do it until I puke, LOL and then once I do, I know I still need to go 1 or 2 more times because those are the ones that count the most, LOL That always gives me the good/bad butterflies!
    You have a seriously awesome workout week!!!! Good luck on your long run this weekend!

    1. Thanks Kristy! I think that's pretty much how the time trial at the event will work except it's not a competition to see who will get on a team - the time is more for the participants benefit so they can get an idea of where their fitness is right now :)

      Hill workouts are great! I've never puked during one - sounds very intense!

  2. I've never done a mile time trial, but I have done mile repeats. Like you said, I hate to see those on my training plan but I feel so good after it's done!

    1. It's that satisfied feeling after a workout that keeps us coming back for more :) Runners high is a real thing!

  3. I've only done mile time trials in middle/high school, but never repeats. I'm looking fwd to incorporating some speedier workouts!

    1. Speedier workouts are the best :) I hope Chicago Marathon went well - I need to hop over to your blog this morning to read your recap!

  4. Is a one mile time trial just timing your one mile time?
    I'm new to running so any time I run a 5k I get super anxious.
    Thoughts feel my head of "what if I can't muster the strength to do this anymore!?" "What if I'm SUPER SLOW this time compared to last time!?"
    I can manage to run, perhaps I am jogging, sometimes I feel I might be crawling my a little over three miles. But there's always satisfaction of consistently pushing myself through. Way to go on your workouts by the way! You are inspiring this little new runner to get up there!

    1. Yeah, it's basically doing a mile at an all-out effort and recording your time. It's a great way to see where your fitness is at and over time you might see improvement :)

      Lol - I think that all the time - the what if I can't muster the strength to do this anymore thought. During a race, that's the time to think back to workouts when you did muster the strength to push through. The training was a practice for the big day and during the race is the time to shine!