Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Four Weeks Til Rock 'n' Roll San Antonio!

It was nearly a year ago when I decided to race Rock 'n' Roll San Antonio this year. I had just watched a travel special about all of the wonderful Christmas season festivities along the city's famed Riverwalk and decided it would be a fun place to visit this year. The race seemed so far away at that time but now ... race weekend is only four weeks away!

I couldn't be more excited for my first true destination race. I've raced in different spots around the Midwest before (Chicago, Minneapolis, etc.) but never anywhere that required a plane ride to get to the start line. Plus, I get to do this one with Rock 'n' Blog and am hoping to meet some fellow team members!

I'm signed up for the 10k on Saturday and the 5k on Sunday. Originally I thought I would just use the races as fun runs since this is my first destination race trip. But after chatting with Coach Matt, I'm now planning to use the 10k as a goal race. I'm a tad worried I'll be too fatigued/stressed from travel to race a good time but I'm arriving in San Antonio pretty early in the morning on Friday so will have the entire day to take it easy. Plus, I'll likely have no trouble falling asleep that evening since my alarm will have gone off at 2:30am earlier that day ;) 

So until race weekend, it's business as usual. Coach Matt sent me my next four weeks of training over the weekend and here's this week's plan:

Monday: 5 glue miles w/strides + Kettle Bell Intervals
Tuesday: 7 mile workout, inc. 4.5 mile cutdown + Y-Blitz
Wednesday: 6 recovery miles + Y-Fuse + Y-Core
Thursday: 6 glue miles w/strides + Y-Blitz
Friday: Rest Day
Saturday: 12 mile run
Sunday: 5 recovery miles

Total: 41 miles

I'm both excited for and dreading the 4.5 mile cutdown! Just a few more tough weeks to get through before the race weekend celebration then a nice long break in December :) 

My questions for you:
  • What workout are you most looking forward to this week?
  • Have you done a destination race? If so, any tips for a newbie destination racer?
  • Have you been to San Antonio? If so, any recommendations on things to do or places to eat?

So far, I'm planning on taking a Riverwalk boat tour, touring Pearl Brewery and shopping at the Mexican market and La Villita!

- ST


  1. I'm going to San Antonio too! I'm running the half on Sunday. See you there, looking forward to meeting other Rock n' Bloggers too!

    1. Oh, I look forward to meeting in person! I haven't met any of the other Rock n Bloggers yet so can't wait for the meet up :)

  2. Oh how fun!! I'll be just north of you in Dallas this weekend! Can't wait to hear your race recap!! :)

    1. Thanks Rachel! Hope you enjoy your weekend getaway to Dallas :)

  3. Oh my gosh you are going to have a great time.
    I have run RnR San Antonio and although it was the marathon, you will have just as much fun in the other races. The 5k runs the same course as the full marathon and ends if I remember right in front of the Alamo, not a shabby place to finish:)
    So things to do, The Alamo and all the Missions - Seriously they are beautiful and totally worth seeing and doing.
    For eating, just walk around on the Riverwalk (it's huge and will remind you more of Hawaii than Hawaii, LOL) and there are so many fabulous places to eat. One of my favorites was a Mexican one but I can't think of the name of it.
    The boat tours look fun, you'll have to let us know how you like it. I passed on those and just decided to walk around so I could stop and go into the different shops and stuff along the way.
    I love San Antonio I would definitely go back, you are not only going to kick some butt in the race, but have a great time.
    Do you have a good corral placement? I hope you do, its one crowded race! If you don't have have a good placement, I think you are very smart to use the 10k as the goal race since it's run the day before the main event races, and I would assume it will be far less crowded. Good luck girl, have a great trip!!!

    1. Thanks for the tips, Kristy! I'm super excited for the trip as it will be my first visit to Texas :) I'm planning to hit a Mexican place on the Riverwalk - I don't remember the name either but it's one that is in a lot of the pics of that area. Probably the same one you are remembering.

      I'm not sure about corral placement yet but I'm guessing I'll be in the first or second one. Fingers crossed the weather cooperates for running fast!

  4. that looks like an awesome race! Good luck!

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