Tuesday, November 17, 2015

The Random Survey

I'm going to start off this post with asking everyone, has anything exciting or surprising happened to you lately? Someone asked me that last week in lieu of the usual and boring how are you small talk and I thought it was a great question. It makes you focus on the positive plus it's something you're not asked every day!

So today's post is all about questions and getting to know each other better. The questions are a mix of ones from random blog surveys. I hope you'll also answer at least a few of the questions!

Where are you most happy
I have a few: Lake Park because it's peaceful and if you run in the early morning or at dusk, you might come across bunnies, turkeys or even a cute red fox or two; Chicago in the summer because even though it's hot and sticky you can't beat the energy of a big city; and the sofa in my apt living room, curled up with Eddie.

Running in Lake Park

Eddie loves to tell me all about his day!

What is your biggest fear?
That I'll end up trapped in a boring, unsatisfying life thinking about all the coulda, woulda shoulda's.

If you could eat only one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be?
For someone who loves food as much as I do, this is a very tough question! It would probably involve guacamole, tacos, mac & cheese and a gigantic Peanut Butter Cup Crumbs Cupcake

I would love eating one of these every day. My waistline, not so much!

If money were no object, what would you do?
I would travel to a new place every week. And when at home, I would sleep in, run and try a new restaurant every day. Or maybe I'd just spend my days - the warm ones at least! - laying out at Bradford Beach with a stack of magazines. Really, I think it would be less about what I did and more about the freedom to do whatever, whenever, wherever!

What's your favorite holiday?
Thanksgiving - because stuffing your face and being lazy after is encouraged ;) Plus, it's the day before Black Friday, which brings me to the next question ...

What's your biggest guilty pleasure?
Right now, it feels like shopping on Black Friday. People love to hate on this day but I've been going Black Friday shopping with my mom since I was a little girl. For us, it's less about buying tons of stuff and more about the tradition of getting up super early (we never go earlier than 4am) and enjoying a day of browsing and making a few purchases here and there.

What was the last book you read?
Once a Runner. It was okay. I really wanted to love it since it's always touted as a classic running book but it was a slow read for me - I found it boring at times and the main character a tad annoying.  

Are you a clean or messy person?
Both! I am a clean person in that I shower twice a day and am always washing my hands and slathering on hand sanitizer. I also always make my bed and can't go to sleep without doing the dishes first. BUT, there are stacks of magazines, shoe boxes, tennis rackets, etc. stacked around my apartment with small (sometimes large) dust bunnies scurrying around in between. When there's a choice between running a few extra miles or dusting, running always wins ;)

What is a pet peeve?
When others try to convince you that your path is wrong because it's not the same as the one they took. I say, live and let live!

What is the most interesting thing you can see from your kitchen window?
The view's not too interesting from my kitchen window but from my living room you can see the lake! 

How would you describe your style?
Classic/preppy with a dash of boho - I will forever wear bellbottom and flare jeans!

Who knows you best?
My mom - I'm so fortunate to have a mother who understands me so well!

With Mom (also a UW-Madison alum) with Bucky cutouts in Chicago!

Join the conversation: Tell me more about you - answer one or more of the questions in the comments section!

- ST


  1. I love reading random posts like this, it's so much fun to get to know bloggers better and insight into the real them:)
    I think my biggest fear would be very similar to yours. I love life, and love living it and getting trapped not being able to live life to its fullest does sound scary!
    That's is awesome you have a lake view from your home, I wish I did, I mean I have beautiful mountains around me, but my direct views are neighbors, and only one of them keeps a beautiful yard, the rest deserve to be fined for lack of taking care of their properties:(
    That is a good question you first asked, my brain has been thinking that I too need to appreciate the little things that happen in life that I could tell someone something exciting that just happened!

    1. You have some of the most beautiful scenery around, even if it's not visible from your windows :) I love seeing all your hiking and adventure pics because the landscape always looks like something out of a book!

  2. Great post! I read Once a Runner recently and also thought it was pretty boring. There were a few standout passages when he was actually running, but overall it didn't do much for me.

    I don't know what other question to answer... hmmm: Well, I'm also clean and messy. I'm super organized about certain aspects of my life (work desk), but I have a pile of clothes sitting next to my bed (mainly workout stuff). Life's too short to clean all the time!

    1. Lol - I also have the pile of clothes sitting by my bed. The pile basically covers a chair :) It's too bad the book turned out to be so dull. I wonder if the other two in the series are better.

  3. This is fun! I want to steal it for my blog. :)

    I agree Mac and cheese would make an appearance in my final meal! And I love how close you are with your mom! I'd also travel with endless money.

    1. You should do it on your blog - I'd love to read your answers :)

      I'm totes craving mac & cheese right now. It might need to make an appearance at my dinner table this week.

  4. What a fun idea! I love random posts like this and getting to know other bloggers even better!! :)

    1. Me too, especially if it lets me get to know the blogger beyond the topics they typically blog about!

  5. Excuse my spelling errors. If there was a question that asked if I were a good speller my answer would be "Heck No!".

    Most happy = In nature. Love the feel of cold crisp winter air, the cool mist of a summer rain and the quiet of the woods with nobody around.

    Biggest fear = Death by falling from a plane or high place or death by being mugged in the city. I guess being eaten by a bear would be up there to. I was raised in the country and have a huge fear of cities.

    Money is no object = I would like to think I would retire and help people in some way.

    Guilty pleasure = Gaming. I should be running or doing things around the house instead.

    Last book = The Dark Tower: The Gunslinger. I thought it was so so.

    Clean / messy - Fairly clean but I have very poor organizational skills.

    Pet peeve - people who try to run me over while I am trying to cross an intersection and then look at me like an idiot.

    Kitchen window - nothing interesting, just neighbors. :(

    Style - boring grumpy old man

    Knows me best - I hope it is my wife! I am lucky she puts up with me!

    1. Definitely agree with people trying to run pedestrians and runners over in the crosswalk. Seems like many people are too distracted to notice even when there are people right in front of them!