Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Dreaming of Summer + This Week's Training Plan

This is my confession for the week: I've already started wearing sandals even though it's only March ;)

It started when I was having mega back issues and couldn't bend over to tie my shoes. So on warmer days (50ish+) I started wearing sandals since they were so much easier to put on than normal shoes. After getting a taste of wearing sandals, I wasn't about to look back! Pretty much every day that the temps have reached 50, I've worn a pair of sandals. Clearly I can't wait for the summer days ahead.

My back has recovered even more in the past week and is feeling really good this week. I've been doing so well that my PT at Body Mechanics said I can move down to 1 PT appointment a week. So lots of progress! As a result, I get to add a little more to the training load this week:

Monday: 5 glue miles w/strides + YC3
Tuesday: 8 mile workout, inc. 400s, 800s + 1.5 mile strength interval
Wednesday: 4 recovery miles
Thursday: 5 glue miles w/strides + PT
Friday: 8 mile run, inc. 45-second pickups
Saturday: 4 glue miles
Sunday: Rest Day

Total: 34 miles

Although I didn't include it in the plan, I also intend on doing core work every day, including planks, hip lifts and my PT homework. One thing I'm super excited about this week is being able to add a group exercise class back into my workout mix. Since YC3 is lower impact it's a great way to get back into things, and hopefully I'll be able to add back my favorite Y-Fuse and Y-Blitz within the next few weeks.

These past few weeks I've been a bit lazy with food prep. I've chopped up veggies and fruit but that's about it. So I've had to rely on eating things like Trader Joe's frozen meals and - gasp - Lean Cuisines. This past weekend I got my act together and did a bit of food prep so my fridge is well stocked with veggies, fruits, quinoa, beans, etc. Here's a sample food day for this week:

Breakfast: Oatmeal (1/3 cup oatmeal, 2/3 cup unsweetened almond milk + 1/2 cup strawberries + dash of cinnamon) + Plain, Non-fat Kefir
Snack: 6oz Greek Yogurt + Raw Veggies
Lunch: Burrito Bowl (quinoa, black beans, zucchini, salsa, queso fresco, black olives) + 1 Banana
Snack: 3 cups popcorn
Dinner: Chicken Pesto Spaghetti Squash (grilled chicken + pesto sauce + spaghetti squash + shaved Parmesan cheese) + Spinach Salad (spinach + cucumber + pepper + clementine orange)

So things are looking up this week! And it's a good thing since my next race is less than two weeks away. It's called the First Call 5k, which I find pretty appropriate since it will be my first race in 2016 and my first race since getting injured in January. It may not be a fast race for me but I plan on putting forth the best effort I have for the day just to see where I'm at right now.

And to wrap up today's post, here are a few things that made this past week great:

A new book - It's back to nonfiction for a bit with my newest book. This one should be an interesting read! 

Ordering new running clothes - Now that I'm finally feeling more like myself again, I decided to treat myself to a few new items. Coming my way are Oiselle Lori Shorts in Denim, a Oiselle Roga Visor and two Nike tanks!

Easter lunch - I love getting together with my family and our holiday meals are always a delicious time. This year's Easter meal included ham, lamb, scalloped potatoes, roasted carrots, peas, salad and buttermilk biscuits. 

I promise I also ate plenty of veggies ;)

My questions for you:
  • What's on your training plan this week? 
  • What's the last book you read? Why or why wouldn't you recommend it?
  • What running/workout gear are you loving right now?
  • What do you love most about summer?
Fingers crossed the temps hit 60 soon! 

- ST


  1. Hope you enjoy the book. I didn't read the book, but I enjoyed the docu series that the History channel did based on this book, it was great!
    Love those fun colored running shoes. Hope you're back has been getting better and better!
    Jealous of your sandals! We still get a lot of snow here in March at times, it snowed all day yesterday and although I see a peek of blue sky right now, I can see the next storm on it's way over the mountains:) But it's all good, we need the water here. But come June, I am so going to be wanting warm temps and sandal weather for sure!!!!
    Let's see the last book I read was book #5 in the Bloodlines series, loved it, actually I've loved all of them. I am hoping to get a little time this week to start book #6.

    1. I've been wondering about the series on the History channel - maybe I'll have to check into finding a way to watch it. I'll admit it's still been snowing here a bit, too, so on those days I have to wear my boots. But as soon as the snow melts away it's back to sandals :)

    2. If you have a local library around you they probably carry the DVD series for it. I know mine does, I've seen it there. But definitely read the book first, I bet it's so much better, as they usually always are:) Enjoy!

    3. The local library is a fantastic idea! I'll have to check it out when I'm done with the book :)

  2. Those potatoes look soooo good! I've been pretty lousy with meal prep the past couple of weeks. I'll be heading out town next weekend, so I decided to let this week slide...not good Jennifer. Hope you like the visor - I had just submitted an order two days before it was released, so I will hold out on purchasing it until I have another order.

    1. Thanks Jenny - it's tough to get motivated to meal prep sometimes but worth it when it happens. I can't wait for my visor to arrive!