Tuesday, March 8, 2016

One Day At A Time

So last week didn't go exactly as planned. Within a few hours of posting last week's training schedule my back injury decided to rear its ugly head. I still attempted to do my workout that evening, but after constant pain and discomfort during my warmup miles I knew I was done for the day. And then I had to take Wednesday off because things still felt pretty bad. 

But by Thursday things were feeling okay again and I decided I felt good enough to attempt Tuesday's workout again. And this time I got through it just fine. I hit my paces and Coach Matt and I agreed it was a total success, especially since we both thought after Tuesday we'd have to scrap the workout completely. 

My takeaway after last week is that I need to take things a day at a time. I'll still have my weekly plan from Coach Matt but sometimes we may need to move stuff around a bit. I'm letting go of a lot of expectations and all of my timelines. While I'd love to write PR Attempt next to races on my calendar, right now it's better to think about successfully getting through today's run. And then tomorrow, tomorrow's run. 

Here is this week's tentative training plan:

Monday: 5 glue miles w/strides
Tuesday: 7 mile workout, inc. 3 sets of 800, 400, 800, faster each set
Wednesday: 5 recovery miles
Thursday: 6 glue miles w/strides + PT!
Friday: Rest Day
Saturday: 9 mile run
Sunday: 5 recovery miles

Total: 37 miles

On a positive note, I have my first physical therapy appointment this week! Several runner friends recommended the person I am going to see so I'm excited and very hopeful things will start getting better soon!

As I did last week, I'll end this post with a few things that made last week wonderful:

I had the most delicious breakfast on Sunday - biscuits & gravy, hashbrowns and overeasy eggs at Cafe at the Pfister. This meal was a total calorie splurge but totally worth it. 

Eddie can now be referred to as 'Hot Dog Eddie'. My cousin, Pam, gave him a hot dog coat and it is so adorable. I think Eddie even likes it as he purred and purred while he wore it for a bit over the weekend. 

My Rock 'n' Roll race discount is now available! If you're running a Rock 'n' Roll race this year, check it out - after all, the more you save on each race, the more races you can run each year ;) 

My good friend, Alysha, gave me Katie Lee's latest cookbook, Endless Summer. This is a gorgeous book with beautiful pictures and fantastic recipes. I can't wait to try some - or all - of the recipes in the book. And I also can't wait for summer!

My questions for you:
  • Have you seen a PT? If so, what was your experience?
  • What made last week wonderful for you?

- ST


  1. Sorry to hear your back is still bothering you. Hopefully the PT gets you back in top running shape soon! Are you going to make the Luck of the Irish? My wife and I bumped up to the 15k for that day.

    I have seen a PT for plantar fasciitis in both of my feet about 3 years back. It took time, the right running shoes, and inserts to get my feet back in shape. Then the following year I had to go back because I tore (minor) my left calf muscle doing a warm up run around the mats at Tae Kwon Do. My physical therapist was good. She had some experience working with runners.

    Along with PT my chiropractor worked on my feet and my calf as well. As I said before, Dr. Maddy helps keep my old abused body going. I go in for regular adjustments every other week and I usually have different areas for her to work on. Right now she is helping with some hip issues that have popped up.

    Last week was my 4 day work week so I had off Friday so that was great. On top of that, spending time with my grandson and wife are always fantastic. And I shouldn't forget to mention our 4 cats and dog. :) It was a tough run week for me. I have been feeling tired and I just have to grind out my training.

    1. 4 cats and a dog?? That is awesome :) Furry friends are the best.

      I am hoping to be at Luck of the Irish but it depends on what the PT says on Thursday and how I feel the days leading up to the race. I'm cautiously optimistic :)

  2. Ahh that's the worst! You have a good attitude about it and I bet the PT will help! The only time I've gone is when I sprained my ankle and they definitely helped by giving me some good tips and exercises (and hope for returning back to running quickly).

    1. I can't wait til my appointment on Thursday. Fingers crossed it's good news :)

  3. I am glad your getting through your runs now fine.
    Did the doctor figure out what was exactly wrong?
    Since I have back issues myself, I totally feel your pain!
    I've been through PT so many times in my life for different things (even now) that I can definitely answer yes to that. My only suggestions, always stick with a sports PT. Personally, I prefer PT's that are runners who specialize in therapy for runners, because they get us more:) You're probably on the right track because other runners recommended the one your going to.
    If you're not seeing some improvement after 3 visits, you probably need to pick a different one. If a PT tells you you may need them for months/years... they are the wrong ones, pick another.
    Most importantly, the things they give you to do daily between visits do them! If you do, you'll be done with PT pretty quick and on the road to full recovery.

    Good luck!!!!

    1. Thanks for the great tips, Kristy! I agree, seeing a PT that has a lot of experience working with runners is key - I made sure to find one that does. And I hope I don't have to see one for more than 3 visits - ideally I'd like this cleared up within a visit and a follow up visit or two after I've done the exercises on my own.

  4. Hope the PT is able to help you. I went to one this past fall and it helped with my quad - no longer have issues. That brunch looks amazing!

    1. Thanks Jenny! I'm really hoping PT will help my back.

      The brunch was amazing! I could eat biscuits and gravy every day.

  5. It sucks your back is hurting, but it sounds like you are doing the right stuff to get back on track! I'm still recovering from a pretty persistent sciatic nerve injury, and my PT has helped me so much. My only advice is to do your PT exercise homework - don't skip it or you won't get better! Good luck and check out my PT 101 post if you want more info!

    1. Thanks Kristen! I will definitely check out your PT 101 post! Wishing you a quick recovery, too - a nerve injury sounds pretty painful!