Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Running Is Great ... But It's Time To See A PT

After enjoying lovely spring weather of 50+ degrees these past few days, it seems impossible that MKE should be hit with more snow today. Yet ... here we are. Fortunately we've just had light snow so far but it's chilly again with strong winds. Raise your hand if you can't wait for spring! 

Anyhow, the warmer temps over the weekend reminded me how much I love running when it's not winter. Everything is easier. All you do is put on shorts, a tank and your shoes and, voila, you're ready to run. There's none of the back and forth of, I wonder if I need a vest or light jacket. Or should I layer two thin long sleeves or wear a thicker quarter zip? Plus, there's no worry about footing. You can run free and just enjoy the miles!

Something I've noticed these past few weeks is that without being able to do my usual group exercise classes and strength training, everything running is so much easier. It's kind of ironic - a back injury leads to improved running! But it does tell me that all the extras that I normally do take a lot out of me. Without doing the extra work each week, my easy running pace is a good 30-45 seconds faster and I'm recovering a lot faster between runs. So I guess there is a silver lining after all! Although as soon as I'm able I will increase my training load to the usual levels. I super dislike feeling like a slacker.

As for the back ... let's just say progress is slow. So I've decided it's time to see a PT to see what the issue is and get a plan for fixing it. Fingers crossed things start getting better fast!

This week's training plan from Coach Matt goes like this:

Monday: 6 glue miles w/strides
Tuesday: 7 mile workout, inc. 1.5 mile + 3x800m
Wednesday: 5 recovery miles + Y-Core
Thursday: 5 glue miles 
Friday: Rest Day
Saturday: 11-12 mile run
Sunday: 5 recovery miles

Total: 39-40 miles

Other than running and training, here's a bit of my life lately:

While everyone I know was watching the Oscars, I was watching a PBS program about penguins. Because even Ryan Gosling can't compete with the adorableness of a fluffy baby penguin! 

I finished up The Sports Gene last week (a must-read for anyone into sports) and Before I Fall by Lauren Oliver. I got so into Before I Fall that I finished the book in about four hours. I'm a fast reader ;) Up next are a few shorter (150-200 pages) nonfiction reads about the Texas Revolution. I know, total nerdiness! But after traveling to San Antonio and reading Three Roads to the Alamo, I'm on a roll. 

I'm obsessed with Mexican, Southwest and Southern cooking lately. My latest creation is Taco Stuffed Shells 2.0., a healthier recipe that I'll share later this week. Next, I want to find a great recipe for cast-iron skillet cornbread and also try my hand at making buttermilk biscuits with sausage gravy! 

My questions for you:
  • How is your training going lately? Any setbacks or successes?
  • What are you currently reading? Or, what's the last book you read?
  • When's your next race? 

I realized this morning that my next race - and first race in 2016 - is just three weeks away. Eek!

- ST


  1. Hopefully you can get that back taken care of soon. Spring is almost here!

    My training is going good I am starting to feel like I am getting back in shape after the winter low mileage. I hit 112 miles in Feb which I haven't done since July. So that was good.

    Last book I read was The Gunslinger by Stephen King. I thought it was okay.

    Next race is the Luck Of The Irish. I will be doing the 10k of course. Looking forward to finishing the winter series with a strong showing.

    1. Thanks Bob! I'm glad to hear you're rounding back into shape - sounds like you'll be ready for Luck of the Irish. I hope to see you there! :)

  2. I hope your back feels better, but good news about the running.Those baby penguins are so cute! I didn't watch the Oscars either, I don't have cable and they are usually so boring. I'd rather just watch the highlights the next day.

    1. Thanks Jen - I agree, at least I can still run. I think I'd go crazy if I couldn't do any physical activity!

  3. hopefully your back feels better soon... and the taco shell looks awesome

    1. Thanks Josephine! I'm posting the recipe tomorrow :)

  4. Really sorry about your back. But I think your making a smart move to see a PT and see what you can do about getting some help for it!
    I've not seen a taco idea like that, looks delicious!!!

    1. Thanks Kristy! I know it's the right decision - this issue has been going on long enough!

  5. I'm dealing with a calf strain...again. This happens every time I try and do plyometrics. My calves just do not like it!! Going to PT is definitely the way to go...probably for both of us, lol.

    1. Oh no - I hope your calf is getting better - being injured is no fun!