Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Adrenaline 5k Race Recap

After what felt like an endless string of injuries and unfortunate events, it seems my luck is changing. I was finally able to race again over the weekend! 

It's been months since my last race, so Coach Matt and I have been referring to last weekend's Adrenaline 5k as a rust buster. And it turns out there was an awful lot of rust to work through. 

It started with deciding what to wear and bring the night before. The what-to-wear part wasn't too hard - I knew I wanted to wear my Performance Running Outfitters singlet. Since temps in the upper 40s were in the forecast, wearing shorts was a no brainer. But packing my bag was a bit trickier. I kept forgetting things like armwarmers and knit gloves. I ended up packing a few too many items but I guess it's better to have everything versus forgetting something important. 

I woke up around 4am - about an hour before my alarm - to the sound of Eddie getting ready to throw up. I looked around my bedroom to see where he was and spotted him leaning over my pile of running shoes! Noooo!!!!! I jumped out of bed and sprinted over to grab him and move him to the hall. I got there just in time and the shoes were saved. Eddie was okay - he just ate a bunch of dry food too fast and then got sick. Silly kitty. But I was wide awake after that incident and couldn't fall back asleep. So up at 4am it was!

Since I got up so early I felt a bit like a zombie as I got ready and during the drive to West Bend where the race was held. Mom was also racing - also her first one for 2016 - and she was driving so at least I got to rest a little in the car. 

Being tired meant I didn't have the energy to get super nervous like I sometimes do before races. Also knowing that I wasn't running this one for a time or to attempt a PR made it pretty low stress. I knew I just had to run and that was it!

The race was quite small and when it was time to line up, I ended up at the front. I knew my goal was not to hammer this one so I made sure I started at a conservative pace. There was one woman a bit ahead of me but I made no attempt to catch her. I stuck with running my own race. 

I could feel the race effort by the halfway point but wasn't as tired as I usually am at this point during 5ks. There was a guy a bit in front of me so I focused on passing him and then running a bit faster during the second half of the race. Check and check! I actually did feel stronger during the second half of the race, so that was a positive. And the course was so pretty! It was along the Eisenbahn trail, which was new to me, and went around a scenic lake/pond area. There were a bunch of chubby robins and little brown birds in the trees watching the runners go by so I also got a kick out of that.

I wasn't impressed with my time or pace but I also wasn't too surprised given this was a rust buster race. I believe my current fitness is faster than this time so my May races should be interesting. Now that I've hopefully shaken off some of the rust that's been accumulating these past several months, the next few races should go a bit better. 

Mom ended up running a really good race! She is coming off a stress fracture and has healed well. With a bit of training, I predict she might run faster this year than she did last year!

After the race we had a little feast at Cempazuchi, my favorite Mexican restaurant. Guac and Pork Tostadas. Seriously delish!

Anyhow, tell me about your weekend! Did you race? If so, how did it go? If not, how did you stay active?

- ST


  1. I think it is a great start to your 2016 race season. I do like that trail. I ran the 1/2 there last year and I had a PR on that one. Hopefully you stay injury free for the rest of the season.

    I did 18 miles on Sunday morning and it was not great. I have another cold and I was just not feeling strong for my run. A cold this late in training scares me a bit because it feels like it is going into my chest. With only 5 weeks left until the race that isn't good. And I have a 22 mile run planned for Friday.

    Glad to hear you are back at it!

    1. Thanks Bob! I hope your cold has cleared up these past few days and that you'll be able to do your 22 miler on Friday!

  2. Glad you're back to racing! What is your 5k PR these days? I know it's a pace in the 6s, but I can't quite remember how speedy! I need to remember to focus on catching up with folks ahead of me in races. When I do that, I tend to have a better time because I'm not thinking about how tough it feels. Great job on 2nd place female!

    1. Thanks Elizabeth! I agree that is the best strategy - it's way more satisfying to focus on catching people in front of you rather than think about how much the race hurts! Makes it more of a game :)