Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Getting Ready for a Rust Buster!

Let's start with the week's most exciting news: After four months of not making it to a single start line, I finally get to race again!!! I'm doing this Sunday's First Call 5k - a super fitting race name since it will be my first race of the year, first race back since getting injured and first time wearing my gorgeous PRO Team singlet. 

This one will be a rust buster and I'm fully expecting it to hurt throughout and to end up with a slower time than I'm used to running. But even though I'm far from peak fitness, I'm excited to see what I can do at the race and am so grateful to even have the opportunity to race again after what seemed like never-ending back issues. 

Two runs last week let me know I'm ready to test myself at a race again:

8 miles, inc. 400, 400, 800, 1.5 miles, 800, 400, 400. This workout felt great with no injury related issues. I could tell my endurance/strength has taken a bit of a hit during the 1.5 mile segment but was happy with my times since I know it can only get better from here! Interval times were: 1:39, 1:40, 3:30, 10:50, 3:23, 1:37, 1:35.  

8 mile run, inc. 45-second pickups at the top of each mile. Another great eight for the week! I felt a bit stronger during this one and even included a bit of hill running. Splits were: 8:54, 7:56, 7:59, 8:22, 7:56, 8:15, 8:09, 7:58. 

Coach Matt originally gave me a race pace goal of 7:05-7:10 per mile. Even though that is slower than my usual 5k pace, it still made me nervous since I feel pretty unfit right now. So we adjusted to a pace that I'm sure I can maintain for the race. Coach Matt explained going with a pace that feels good and isn't at all scary leaves a lot more room for positive result. So if I can run at least the first half of the race within that pace, I can potentially pick things up during the second half!

Since I don't have my usual fitness for this race, I'm paying a little extra attention this week to the little things like getting enough sleep and eating well. And of course getting in my usual running! Here's this week's training plan:

Monday: 5 glue miles w/strides + YC3
Tuesday: 6 mile workout, inc. 3 x 1200
Wednesday: 4 recovery miles + Y-Core
Thursday: 4 glue miles
Friday: Rest Day
Saturday: 3 mile shakeout run w/strides
Sunday: First Call 5k Race!!!

And a sample day of food:

Breakfast: 2 Eggs Scrambled + 1/2 Avocado + Sliced Strawberries
Snack: Greek yogurt + Raw Veggies
Lunch: Chicken Farro Bowl (Chicken Breast, Farro, Broccoli, Water Chestnuts) + Banana
Snack: Picky Bar
Dinner: Veggie Chili Con Carne (Ground Beef, Beans, Squash, Sweet Potato, Carrots, Corn) + Blackberries

And with that, I'll wrap up this long Tuesday post! My questions for you:

  • What was your best workout last week?
  • What race goals do you set when you haven't raced in awhile? 
  • What's on your training/nutrition plan this week?

I hope you have a wonderful week!

- ST


  1. Good luck on your race! I am sure you will do good.
    This week I have 44 miles to run with a long run of 18. And of course the weather looks like junk this week. :(

    1. Thanks so much, Bob! 18 miles will be a challenge but I'm sure you will rock the run. Hopefully things clear up by the weekend!

  2. YAY, I am so happy that your back isn't bothering you and you can get into some races again!!!
    I think you'll do awesome, your so speedy knowing you, you'll likely place!
    Good luck this weekend!!!

    1. Thanks so much, Kristy! I don't know about placing but I hope I can at least run a decent effort :)

  3. Yayyyy glad you will be racing this weekend :) That singlet is beautiful - love all the colors.

    1. Thanks Jenny! It's one of Oiselle's store team singlets - I love it :)