Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Bellin 10k Recap + On to the Next Race!

2016 was supposed to be The Year of the 10k. But so far I'm 0/2.

I ended up not racing last weekend's Bellin 10k. At the start of the year, I thought this race would be my time to shine and knock down my 10k PR. I run my best at large races with a competitive field so Bellin 10k seemed like an ideal opportunity to run fast.

Photo from Bellin Run's Facebook Page

But when race week rolled around, Coach Matt and I began discussing my options. With the forecast showing super hot temps, we knew I would at the very least need to run conservatively to avoid a midrace meltdown! There was also my plantar fasciitis to contend with. I felt pretty optimistic about racing on my foot earlier in the week but when pain/discomfort popped up again on Wednesday, I started to question if I should race. Coach Matt said if it was him in the situation he would not race.

But I waffled back and forth on the decision all the way up until packet pick up on Friday afternoon. Until that point, I was still planning to race, but as soon as I got to the outdoor expo I knew it wasn't going to happen. I was sweating and overheating after just walking three blocks from the car to the expo. I knew race day would be similar conditions so decided Coach Matt was right - there was no point in trying to race in miserable conditions, especially with the added stress of a foot injury.

I was super disappointed but deep down I knew it was the right decision. Over dinner, Mom and I talked things over. I knew I wasn't going to run and Mom decided she also didn't want to run because of the weather. But we were already in Green Bay so we would walk the race. I decided this way I'd still get in some exercise and also I could see the course since I now plan on racing this one next year.

I drowned my sorrows in a slice of gluten free salted caramel cheesecake ;)

On race morning, Mom and I lined up toward the back. It was cool at the start but things quickly heated up within the first mile. Throughout the race, I found myself seeking out every sprinkler and misting station I could find along the course. My feet were on fire by the end of the race - I think it was due to being in contact with the hot pavement for the nearly two hours and 20 minutes it took me to walk the course. Ouch. Fortunately no blisters. However, my injured foot scolded me for the rest of the day. 

Mom and I at the race start!

After experiencing the race, I'm excited to race Bellin 10k next year. With a proper build up and better weather conditions I know this will be a great race for me. The event seemed well organized with a competitive field, there were plenty of on-course water/aid stations, lots of downhills and fun extras like an opportunity to race with elites (Meb, Bill Rodgers, Frank Shorter, Joan Samuelson, etc.), a pre-race pasta dinner, awesome on-course bands/music, etc.

This year's finisher's medal

So what's next? Well, most important is getting my foot back to full health. I'm also working toward my next race, Rock 'n' Roll Chicago 10k. I'm excited about this one because it's another 10k opportunity + there's a brand-new course this year. It's also my 5th year racing a Rock 'n' Roll Chicago event so kind of a milestone of sorts. Even though the weather will likely be hot (it's hot pretty much every year) the race starts early - 6:30am - and the atmosphere helps make up for it with thousands of runners, spectators, on-course bands and an awesome post-race party. I consider this a must-race event!

This year's bling!

 On that note, let's get into the part where you tell me more about you! Today's questions:

  • Do you have any must-race events? If so, what are they and what makes them awesome?
  • Have you ever backed out of a race at the last minute? If so, what made you decide not to race?
  • Now that it's hot outside - what do you love most about summer?

I love lazy days at the park or beach, summer festivals, icy drinks and cookouts galore! 

- ST


  1. I think it was a great choice not to run on Saturday. Your foot needs to mend and get better so you can be competitive again at some point this year. The heat Friday and Saturday we horrible. We did Ragnar Chicago and my 1st (6.8) and 3rd (9.68)legs were both around 3 or 4 in the afternoon. It was brutal and I felt like garbage. I did a lot of walking. Even my night run (6.2) was humid but much more bearable.

    I don't really have any must race events. Although it seems like I sign up for the same events each year. Winter Series, Ragnar Chicago and Ragnar Great River. This year we added Ragnar Hawaii to the list!

    I have not backed out of any races but I should have a few times due to injuries (PF & torn calf). I think my recovery time was extended because of my stubbornness!

    I like getting out for trail runs in the park, working on my flower beds.

    1. I thought about you and your Ragnar race over the weekend, Bob - the heat and humidity must have been absolutely brutal for running that type of race. Great job getting it done!

      Ragnar Hawaii?? That will be awesome!