Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Dealing With Morton's Neuroma

I think I jinxed myself. 

After publishing my last post about getting back into all things running and fitness I ended up sidelined again, this time with what I believed to be a stress reaction or fracture in my left foot. I had the classic top-of-foot pain, and the more I read about the injury, the more worried I got. The thought of not being able to run for 6+ weeks was too depressing to think about so I shut down training for the next several days to see if things would improve. When it didn't I made an appointment with a foot & ankle doc. 

Like my sandal tanline? ;)

I went to that appointment feeling like I was about to receive a death sentence. But I ended up getting good news - It turns out I don't have a stress reaction or fracture! Instead I have a condition called Morton's Neuroma - a benign nerve tissue tumor that causes foot pain, typically in the ball of the foot area. I was pretty surprised with the diagnosis since I don't have any ball of foot pain (knock on wood!). However, it seems pretty straightforward to treat - the doctor gave me a cortisone injection during the office visit, and I'll have a follow up appointment to get fitted for a custom orthotic. And best of all, I can continue running and training through it all!

So the week's plan looks like this:

Monday: 4 mile run + Y-Fuse + Y-Core + Y-Blitz
Tuesday: 4 mile run + Y-Blitz
Wednesday: 3 mile run + Y-Fuse + Y-Core
Thursday: 5 mile run w/pickups + Y-Blitz
Friday: 4 mile run + Core Work
Saturday: 6 mile run
Sunday: Rest Day

Total: 26 miles

After a long weekend of indulging, my body is craving nutritious food. I decided it was the perfect time to get back into Sunday meal prep. After a few hours of washing, dicing and roasting, I have everything I need to eat healthy this week. Here is a sample day of food:

Breakfast: Egg & Spinach Wrap (Angelic Bakehouse Wrap + 1 Large Egg + Spinach + 1/4 Avocado)
Snack: Raw Veggies + String Cheese
Lunch: Tuna, Chickpea & Roasted Sweet Potato Salad
Snack: Popcorn
Dinner: Roast Pork Tenderloin + Cherry Almond Couscous + Spinach Salad

Today's favorites are all about comfort and joy. Comfortable clothing and the joy of the holiday season!

Lululemon Align Pant II - These pants are a new favorite. I love them so much that after wearing them once I immediately went back to Lululemon and bought another pair. The fabric is super smooth with just the right amount of hug. And the length is perfect - they hit just above the ankle, which is ideal for pairing with flats, loafers and boots. 

Target Brushed Cowl Neck Top - This is the perfect top to pair with the Lululemon pants. I'm obsessed with how soft these tops are and own it in every color. Lululemon Align Pant II + Target top = My new uniform

Christmas Trees - It's not quite yet December and I've already put up three Christmas trees - two at work and one at home. The three trees are all different and I've had a lot of fun with each. The one at home is gorgeously girly decorated in gold & shades of pink featuring macaron and donut ornaments. The trees at work are opposites - one is a very traditional tree with gold and red accents and the other is wonderfully modern and uses a ladder as the tree! 

My girly tree

The modern tree

That's all I've got for today! Let's talk about you:
  • Have you had Morton's Neuroma? If so, what was your experience?
  • Do you have any current style obsessions?
  • Do you put up a Christmas tree? If so, tell me about it!

Less than a month til Christmas!

- ST


  1. We do put up a Christmas tree. We go to a local farm where the farmer sells precut trees. We used to go to a farm and cut our own but they shutdown. This farmer is very nice and lets Connor check out his cat and sometimes other animals. I put the tree in the stand and my wife usually does the majority of decorating.

    1. How fun to have a fresh cut tree from a local farm! I bet it looks beautiful :)

  2. I'm glad the foot pain is easily treatable.

    I also put up 3 trees. 2 at home ( I also have a girly tree. It's white with gold and pink ornaments as well. Then I have a family tree and then I have a real small one at work. It's just a table top tree. I love the ladder tree. I never saw that done before!

    1. Ha, I love that you have a small one at work. I actually thought about doing that, too, this year. Maybe next year!

  3. I'm really glad you didn't have a stress fracture, I've had a few of those in the past and they are annoying! Very cool you were able to get such a quick bit of help and back on your feet running! That is awesome news!!!!
    I actually wasn't going to put a tree up this year, but my sister pretty much forced me into it, LOL she didn't think an event planner with 38 pine tree's should not at least put one up, LOL So yesterday I put a small one up, it will take a few days making little adjustments to it and then it will be ready:)
    Love your tree's, cute and fun!

    1. I bet your tree is so pretty with your event planning background! You'll have to post some pics on Insta or your blog :)