Thursday, March 2, 2017

The Latest in Training and Life

I woke up this morning and realized something awesome: Carlsbad 5000 is only one month away!!!

Billed as the World's Fastest 5k, this race has been on my bucket list for awhile now. And in just a few weeks I'll get to test my speed on the course.

Based on where my training is at a PR is pretty unlikely. However, it will still be good to get out there and race. Of course, a tiny part of me is holding out hope that I'll be able to latch on to some faster runners and get towed to a better time with a group. You never know ;)

Anyhow, my focus the next few weeks is just getting in the miles and workouts to keep building fitness. This week's plan from Coach Matt includes:

Monday: 6 glue miles w/strides + Y-Blitz
Tuesday: 8 mile workout, inc. 1200s & 400s
Wednesday: 5 recovery miles + Y-Fuse + Y-Core
Thursday: 5-6 glue miles w/strides + WAC Training Group
Friday: Rest Day
Saturday: 8 glue miles w/pickups
Sunday: Rest Day

Nutritionally, I've been in a bit of a rut lately so this week I'm switching things up a bit. I'm loving Bear Naked's new cereal (I like the Honey Nut flavor) and the Lentil Salad is super filling and delicious.

Breakfast: Bear Naked Cereal w/Whole Milk
Snack: Raw Veggies + String Cheese
Lunch: Lentil Salad (arugula, lentils, farro, roasted butternut squash) + Banana
Snack: Popcorn and/or Honey Stinger Gluten-Free Organic Wildflower Honey Waffle
Dinner: Lightened-Up Spaghetti Casserole

To wrap things up today, here are a few exciting things that happened recently:

Rock 'n' Blog 2017 - I found out on Wednesday that I'll be on the team again for this upcoming year. I seriously love this group because of its infectious enthusiasm for running and racing. Plus, I love running Rock 'n' Roll races and could talk your ear off on why you should run one this year :) If you decide to sign up for a race, use RnB15 to save $15 off domestic marathons and half marathons. 

New Running Shoes - A pair of New Balance Zante Breathe shoes arrived in the mail on Wednesday and I have a pair of the new Saucony Kinvara 8's on hold at my favorite local running store, Performance Running Outfitters. I can't wait to start wearing both during training and racing!

Running League WI - Thanks to my gym friend, Ana, I got to meet an awesome group of runners at one of their meetups at the Pettit National Ice Center track. I wasn't sure what to expect going in - I knew it was a relay race and that everyone had to run 6 laps total (a little more than 1.5 miles). It turns out we were randomly divided into groups of three people and everyone took turns running 1 lap at a time until the group's 18 laps were completed. Since we only ran 1 lap at a time it turned out to be a faster pace than I planned on running but since I love speedwork it was fine with me! It was a super fun evening and I met a lot of really great people. I look forward to attending more of their meetups!

That's it for today - at least from me. Now it's your turn to spill. My questions for you:
  • How is your training going this year? Are you on track to meet your spring race goals?
  • Tell me about your favorite running shoes - what do you like about them?
  • What is your favorite salad combo?

I heart salads for lunch but need some new combos to keep things fresh :)

- ST