Tuesday, November 28, 2017

2018 Race Schedule - A Work in Progress

Hey everyone! Can you believe how quickly 2017 flew by? We basically have just one month left this year and that means it's time to start planning next year's races. 

So this year was a bit of a wash for me as far as running is concerned. I pretty much stopped after a few spring races and took a much-needed break from racing. But after several months off, I'm looking forward to getting a few races on my schedule. 

I still haven't been doing a lot of running but my basic fitness is back. So come January, I'm going to start running more to get back into race shape. 

Here's what I'm thinking of racing this upcoming year:

Pettit Indoor Half Marathon Relay - I'm super excited to race this one with the same team of gym friends from last year's Indoor Marathon Relay. We'll be focusing on shorter, faster intervals this year. I'll consider it a good workout for my upcoming 5k races!

Luck of the Irish 5k - This one is a maybe, depending on the weather. If it truly sucks, I'll race the First Call 5k instead.

Nicolet Bay 5k - I love this 5k in Door County and hope to do it every year that I'm able to run. The course is flat and fast and winds through Peninsula State Park. This will likely be my spring goal race.

Kings & Queens 4 Mile - I ran the Kings & Queens Half Marathon a few years ago and really loved the course. This time I'll likely opt for the 4-miler instead - it's a new distance option for 2018. I haven't raced many 4-mile races - in fact, this will only be my second one! Being only one week after the Nicolet Bay 5k, this may end up being more of a fun run for me. 

Wisco Mile - I've had this race on my radar for a few years now but it's never worked out for me to run it. Depending on how fit/fast I feel mid-June, this may be the year. I really like the idea of racing a fast mile on the track!

Rock 'n' Roll Chicago - This is another one that will always be on my race calendar. I love racing Chicago in the summer and Rock 'n' Roll races are always super fun because they are large-scale, well organized and super high energy! The only thing to decide is which distance to race: half marathon, 10k or 5k - or maybe I'll do the Remix Challenge this year and do the 5k + either the 10k or half marathon.

Lake Country 5k - Yet another race that is always on my race calendar. I've been doing this one since I started running. It's a hillier course but I love the challenge. 

And then ... I'm not sure! I'd love to add a few more fall races but haven't picked any yet. Whatever I end up adding will likely be shorter distance - something in the 1-mile to 10k range. 

Tell me: What's on your 2018 race calendar? Any fall race suggestions?

Enjoy your Tuesday!

- ST


  1. I'm not sure what I'm going to do yet, I may not do my usual spring and fall half and instead focus on my 5k for 2018. Since I volunteer with the local running club I get in free, so I could have a year of cheap and fast racing ahead!

    1. Love it! 5k is really the best distance :)

  2. I'm not sure yet! A bunch of stair races between January and March, then probably a spring 5K, probably Al's Run, and a late summer/fall 5K. I skipped mile season last year, and would like to do a couple/few of those this summer. Just not sure which ones or where yet!

    1. Have you raced the Wisco Mile? Looks like a good race!

  3. Sounds like you are getting a nice schedule together for next year.

    Next year is back to distance running for me. The Junkyard Dog 50k is back this year so I want to do it again. I would also like to do the lake front marathon.

    Of course the Winter Series is going on right now so that will take me through March. Only 4 more races until spring!!!

    Other than that I don't have any set plans. My family might be taking a trip to London sometime this year and if that happens I will defiantly look for a race over there!

    1. Lakefront Marathon is such a wonderful race - you'll love it. Hope the Winter Series is going well - maybe I'll see you at the last race!