Race Results

A great race is the ultimate runner's high. Here are the recaps for the races I've completed: 

12/6/2015 - San Antonio Rock 'n' Roll 5k - I expected my legs to be dead for this race but I surprised myself a bit and even raced to a top 3 female finish!

12/5/2015 - San Antonio Rock 'n' Roll 10k - Travel fatigue kind of did me in during this race but I still managed a PR by a few seconds!

11/1/2015 - Milwaukee Running Festival 5k - This was the inaugural Milwaukee Running Festival and it was fantastic. No PR this time but still a great race!

10/18/2015 - Pumpkin Run 5k - A great start to this year's Winter Run Series! Not quite the time I was hoping for but still a fun race :)

9/13/2015 - Biggest Loser 5k - The first chillier race of the fall season. First female at this one but it wasn't a competitive field.

9/5/2015 - Lake Country 5k - A favorite of mine, this race is always a challenge. There were some fast women racing this year!

8/22/2015 - Run/Walk for Wishes 5k - This was a great event! I truly enjoyed the festive atmosphere and ended up placing 2nd female!

7/30/2015 - Race for the Bacon 5k - Yet another hot race! But even more than the heat, I'll remember this as the one I tried to eat a piece of bacon midrace ;)

7/19/2015 - Chicago Rock 'n' Roll 10k - Originally my goal race for the summer, the heat and humidity made this one more of a training run. Still fun running the streets of Chicago!

6/13/2015 - Rock 'n Sole Quarter Marathon - My first time running the quarter marathon distance but it just wasn't my day. Fortunately there are plenty of other races to look forward to this year!

5/2/2015 - Nicolet Bay 5k - What is with all the too fast starts lately? Once again, paid the price midway through the race, but this time I was able to keep going and push through to the finish!

3/21/2015 - Luck of the Irish 5k - A too fast first mile led to a slow, painful finish!

3/1/2015 - Snowball Shootout 5k - I went into this race with no expectations and it turned out great! First 5k in 2015 was a success!

1/24/2015 - Indoor Marathon Relay - My first race of 2015 was a win! My fellow birds and I had a great time and finished in 2:46:20!

11/30/2014 - The Big Chill 5k - Another chilly, cloudy and windy day. I'm using this one as a benchmark for current fitness - and direction for upcoming training to get back to racing faster!

11/27/2014 - Town Bank Turkey Trot 5k - Super cold + super cloudy + super windy equaled a slow race for me!

10/26/2014 - The Pumpkin Run 5k - The first race back after a marathon is always a challenge. I can tell I have some fitness to regain!

10/5/2014 - Lakefront Marathon - Missing my race goals only makes me more determined to get them the next time around!

8/30/2014 - Lake Country 5k - One of my favorite races! Love that this one is just a small, local race. 

7/31/2014 - Race for the Bacon 5k - This one was less about a fast time and more about spending time with friends. Plus, what's not to love about a bacon-theme race??

7/20/2014 - Chicago Rock n Roll Half Marathon - I love Chicago and this course. And it turns out the day was ripe for a PR!

5/24/2014 - Madison Bun Run 10k - I missed my time goal but still ran a PR and placed among the top 5 women in the race!

5/3/2014 - Nicolet Bay 5k - My spring 5k went according to race plan and ended with the new distance PR I had been hoping for! 

4/19/2014 - Hot Chocolate 5k - I placed well and won my AG but missed my goal time by a few seconds. The hills! The wind!

3/22/3014 - Luck of the Irish 5k - A great race effort, especially considering the hills. I think the last one just about killed me :) 

2/16/2014 - The Big Chill 5k - Much better than my previous race but once again, snow made for tough running! 

2/2/2014 - Expo Run 5k - This was a slower race for me - winter running just isn't for me!

1/25/2014 - Indoor Marathon Relay - This was an awesome race! My team took second and had a ton of fun running :)

11/24/2013 - The Elf Run 5k - Well, not a great race due to being sick, but it makes me extra motivated to get it done at the next one!

10/27/2013 - Pumpkin Run 5k - This was my first time doing two races in one weekend and I think it was a success! Second race was just a few seconds off my PR. 

10/26/2013 - Haunted Hustle 5k - This race served as a reminder to not go out too fast. Steady miles are how I race my best. 

10/19/2013 - Monster Run 5k - First race post-marathon and it was a success! No PR, but ended up placing in the top three overall :)

10/6/2013 - Lakefront Marathon - I couldn't believe how well this race went - the miles flew by and I ran a negative split! Also, a new 38 minute PR :)

8/31/2013 - Lake Country 5k Race - My first time ever getting to the start line late, but still managed to run a new 5k PR!

8/24/2013 - Strider Half Marathon - Used this one as a training run and it was a great time. Loved the shady course! 

8/17/2013 - Run/Walk to Milwaukee Irish Fest 5k - Got to race this one with Team Olallie, which made for a fun race!

8/1/2013 - Race for the Bacon 5k - This is one of my favorite MKE 5k races! Although the effort felt really hard, I can feel my fitness is slowly improving. 

7/21/2013 - Chicago Rock n Roll Half Marathon - Although I didn't race this one, a nice, steady pace made this a solid workout. 

7/4/2013 - Firecracker Four Race - My race takeaways were a four miler is not a 5k and I'm out of shape. 

6/15/2013 - Rock n Sole 5k Race - Race was going well until a crippling calf strain hit midrace. Yikes!

5/25/2013 - Madison Twilight 10k Race - My first time racing a 10k was a success! Beat my goal time by two minutes, won my AG and was the 9th overall female!

5/19/2013 - Block Melanoma 5k Race - Did this one with Team Zizzo and it was a nice confidence booster before an upcoming goal race!

4/27/2013 - The Deer Run 5k Race - My first race after re-injuring my hamstrings and it went better than expected!

2/17/2013 - The Big Chill 5k Race - A new PR and finally, I can cross getting a sub 22-minute 5k time off my list!

1/27/2013 - Great Lakes Expo 5k Race - Kind of a dud race for me, but motivates me to do better next time!

1/19/2013 - Indoor Marathon Relay Race - A great effort by Team M.A.S.S. Destruction! 

12/1/2012 - Milwaukee Santa 5k Race - Another new PR and 3rd place AG award!

11/25/2012 - The Elf Run 5k Race - A new 5k PR by just a few seconds!

11/22/2012 - Drumstick Dash 5k Race - The race I learned the importance of running the tangents.

11/11/2012 - Welcome 2 Winter 5k Race - After taking a month off from running, I'm working my way back to faster times. 

10/7/2012 - Lakefront Marathon - My first marathon was a great experience and makes me excited to try the distance again

9/1/2012 - Lake Country Half Marathon - Just like my favorite type of hilly course, this race had its ups and downs.

8/18/2012 - Run/Walk to Milwaukee Irish Fest -  A great morning to race with family and friends and the icing on the cake was winning a new, shiny medal! 

7/28/2012 - Racing Sausages 5k - Finally, a nice summer race time to boost my confidence! 

7/22/2012 - Chicago Rock 'n' Roll Half Marathon - Hot, humid, but electric energy throughout. Missed my goal time, but still had a great experience. 

6/14/2012 - Race for the Bacon 5k - Yet another side stitch (I'm sensing a theme), but overall a good race.

6/9/2012 - Lombardi 5k Run for Cancer - Another side stitch made for a very frustrating race. 

5/20/2012 - Rockford Half Marathon - Hot and humid conditions got in the way of achieving the new PR I was chasing. 

3/17/2012 - Luck of the Irish 5k Race - A side stitch mid-race made this one painful to the finish.  

2/18/2012 - The Big Chill 5k Race - This race was a new PR. Ended up finishing 2nd in my age group. 

1/29/2012 - Great Lakes Expo 5k Race - Despite low expectations, I managed to win my age group for the first time!

1/21/2012 - Icebreaker Indoor Marathon Relay - This race was really fun, but also a lot harder than I thought it would be. Ended up winning 2nd place All Female Team!

12/31/2011 - Run Into the New Year - My last race of the year and a new 5k PR! Good enough for an 8th place AG award.

11/27/2011 - The Elf Run - My toes froze at this race, but I ended up with a third place age group win! 

11/19/2011 - Run with the Turkeys - Ran well enough for a second place age group win!

10/29/2011 - Haunted Hustle Half Marathon - I really trained hard for this race and was so happy to come in under my time goal. 

9/3/2011 - Lake Country 5K Race - My legs were done at the end of this one, but I felt like I raced well and was really happy with my time.

8/13/2011 - Hank Aaron State Trail 5K Race - I really enjoyed this race even though I came up a bit short on my time goal. It was a good lesson in the importance of pushing harder throughout the race. 

7/10/2011 - Summerfest Rock 'n Sole Half Marathon - This one will always will affectionately known in my mind as the race from Hell.

6/11/2011 - Lombardi 5K Run for Cancer - Made my goal of racing a 5K sub 25 minutes! 

5/15/2011 - Ann's Hope Block Melanoma 5K Run -My first time attempting to race a 5k. My time wasn't as good as I hoped, but every race is a learning experience.

1/22/2011 - Icebreaker Indoor Marathon Relay - This was my first real taste of how exciting races can be. My team finished 45/103 teams and I remember being really excited about placing in the top half!